Episode 15 

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In many ways, the process of letting go is like an art form, something you craft, shape and develop over time throughout your life. It’s also a way of being, a way of shedding what no longer serves you to open up to a more balanced, creative, mindful you.

But let’s be honest, letting go is not always easy – even if you’ve been practicing the process for ages. Many times you aren’t even aware of what you are still clinging to in your mind and heart, or how it’s weighing you down.

On this episode of Flirting with Enlightenment, we chat about the practice of letting go as an art form and all things you learn about yourself and the relationships you have with others along the way. Day to day frustrations, loss, trauma, differences of opinion or expectations can cause blocks in your happiness, creativity, spiritual connection and overall well-being, and make you feel disconnected from your sense of self. This is why embracing the art of letting go is such an essential part of our self-care, health and personal growth.

Join us as Jamie and I talk about:

  • Letting go as a full-body process, not just the mind
  • How the body provides big and subtle clues about what you are ready to release
  • The ways expectations lead to attachment and an inability to let go
  • Fear and how it can keep your stuck in an unhealthy emotional state
  • Simple daily practices you can use to develop your own release process


release, letting go, clutter


Practicing being mindful and present in the moment is a very valuable skill. Can you release what no longer serves you and open up to healing for more joy, connection and peace in the present?

Time to emulate trees in the fall and let go of all the things you don’t want anymore!

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