Episode 38

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When the energy in our lives gets intense or confusing, it can help to hit the “reset” button and clear the clutter in our mind, heart and physical space.

The physical act of cleaning is a great way to start moving stuck energy. This ”refresh” trickles down to the creative and spiritual aspects of life, helping us feel more clear headed and invigorated. Clearing emotional and energetic clutter is also important for well being, but requires some different tactics.

On this episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, we share insights, challenges and success stories about energy management, and offer ways to help raise personal vibration in order to become a fresher, deeper, more intuitive version of ourselves.

During the show Jamie and I also talk about why it’s important to review behavior patterns, negative self-talk and old habits to see where we keep recycling stale energy. These “crutches” hold us back from thinking clearly or tapping into our intuition fully. Reviewing these aspects of our life illuminates what we really want and need to raise our vibration and integrate the mind, body, spirit parts of ourselves.

Last but not least, we chat about how the current cosmic energy shifts might be making people feel foggy and confused, as they can no longer continue with “business as usual”. This dynamic can be especially challenging for empaths who experience the emotional states of others in a very physical or emotional way, and may not understand the true source of their experiences.

Ultimately, by clearing all aspects of clutter in (mind, body, spirit) we connect to a higher vibration naturally, which enables us to feel:

  • More focused
  • Grounded and in alignment with our values
  • Clear on next steps
  • More self love and acceptance
  • Alive in the present moment
  • An increased level of divine energy and creative inspiration

…and much more.

Even if we already have a regular spiritual practice or creative outlet, it’s time to go deeper into our true selves, reaching beyond our fears, stuck energy and challenges to experience true karmic healing. By integrating the pain with the light we release the clutter and become “whole”.

We are being asked to pare down the extra to step into new spiritual or creative practices that honor our true purpose. Are you ready to refresh your energetic vibration to align with your true creative purpose and spiritual self?

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Photo credit: Sergiu Bacioiu