Episode 34

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What does success mean to you? The ability to meet a personal goal? Reaching a certain level of wealth and recognition? A sense of creative confidence and knowing your true self? Spiritual connection? All of the above?

On this episode of Flirting With Enlightenment, we challenge listeners to think about the essence of success and what it really means to them from a holistic, or, mind, body, spirit perspective.

Rediscovering Personal Success Essentials 

For years, society has often measured success by external achievements. Now that we are becoming more globally connected as a consciousness, that definition is changing dramatically. People are opening up to being creative and playful with what’s possible on every level, adding heart and soul into the “success” equation. They are also making an effort to be more mindful of overall well-being and spiritual health as part of a balanced, happy life.

As the paradigm shifts towards balance as an aspect of achievement, does the definition of success shift, too? If so, how? 

It’s time for every single one of us to tune into what “success” really means to us while mindfully exploring and embracing what makes us unique creative spirits. When we each connect with what we desire to build, grow, connect to or release, we are naturally happier and more fulfilled, despite external measurements of achievement.

When you are clear in mind, heart and soul, you can also create more specific goals in alignment with the vision and the values you honor, making it so much easier to get clear and create focus around what’s essential for your personal growth and spirituality. 

Are you ready to break down old definitions of “making it” and embrace the truth of who you are to create a new, more meaningful definition of personal accomplishment?

This podcast episode is the first part of a mini-series we are doing to support people in creating mindful success. First we will break down the big picture of “success” and what it really means in the modern world. Then, as a follow up, we will develop episodes on how to create heart-centered goals and build a focused practice to shape a life more in alignment with what’s truly important to you and your spiritual path.

How do you define something as a “win”? 

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