Episode 25

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The illusion of control is one of the biggest, and sneakiest, causes of stress in life. It’s also the trickiest behavior to spot within yourself.

The need for control causes stress for the mind, body and spirit and leads you to focus on the illusion of how YOU think things should be, which is a very ego-based way of being. Building a life based on control, instead of crafting your inner sense of well-being, also limits the intuitive connection you have with your sense of self and natural creative expression.

Managing this energy can be especially challenging when you are moving through transformation and clearing out old controlling behaviors within yourself, or within relationships with others.

On this episode of Flirting with Enlightenment, we explore the different ways the stress related to a need to control life blocks your ability to be your natural self, causing anxiety, fear, and loss of intuitive knowing and spiritual connection. We also talk about ways to reopen your heart and mind to reconnect with your intuition and discover the sense of inner peace and calm available within you at all times.

Most importantly, Jamie and I review key elements involved in the energetic dance between flow and control, and offer insight on how to work with them in daily life.

Get Clear on How Control Shows Up in your Life to Shift it

The first step is to spot when the illusion of control is creeping into your life. Controlling behavior can show up in many ways, including:

  • A micro-managing boss, friend, partner or family member
  • Manipulation by another person in romantic relationship
  • Attempting to change or control another person through guilt, or vice versa
  • High standards of perfection for yourself
  • Resistance to change or put your creativity into the world for fear of how it will be perceived

When in the midst of a challenging, stressful experience, it helps to get clear on how you are connecting with a specific experience by asking yourself two very simple questions: 

“Am I experiencing this situation as a victim, or am I trying to exert control over my life and the lives of others?” This insight offers a starting point to shift your mindset and/or actions.

Listen to the latest episode for insights on how to tap into your intuition and divine energy to reduce stress, build confidence, and learn to go with the flow, knowing you can turn inward and trust your inner guidance at any time.

What are some approaches that help you go with the flow more often? 

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