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Facts, Feelings and the Truth Between

Episode 114           The journey to understand facts, feelings and the truth between can feel like a tall order and a lot to process, especially when there are so many “facts” to consider. That’s why it’s so… Continue Reading →

Managing Perceptions and Beliefs About Negative Emotions

Episode 93  “Managing Perceptions and Beliefs About Negative Emotions”.           Emotions are part of life, but can become overwhelming when we perceive or label a certain emotion as “negative”. This kind of thinking and labeling can be tricky, because… Continue Reading →

How Fear Shapes Us and Ways it Sets Us Free

Episode 90 “How Fear Shapes Us and Ways It Sets Us Free”.      Fear is a bit of a trickster. It can shape the way we see relationships, career options, opportunities for creative self expression, and most importantly, ourselves…. Continue Reading →

The Two Faces of Vulnerability and What They Show Us

Episode 86 “The Two Faces of Vulnerability and What They Show Us”.               Vulnerability is a great teacher. The areas where we are resistant to being vulnerable act as a window into our sore spots and… Continue Reading →

Throat Chakra and All the Ways it Influences Self Expression

Episode 71 Listen to “Flirting With Enlightenment”.   The throat chakra represents personal self expression and can be communicated through many forms. Self expression includes what you say, write, create, express, believe, hear and so much more. All of these… Continue Reading →

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