Episode 18

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The relationships you build are always great mirrors for self-growth and expansion, but what happens when those connections are no longer an energetic fit for you? How do you find a way to create stronger boundaries, communicate your “new” needs or disconnect from the relationship altogether to honor your own transformation? Is there a clear way to cut connections?

On this episode of Flirting with Enlightenment, Jamie and I discuss knowing how, and when, to move on from a relationship or cut connections to preserve your self-care and enhance personal development. We cover the common questions we often ask ourselves:

  • How do you deal with changing dynamics within a relationship or decide to finally “cut” a connection?
  • What do you say?
  • How do you tune in to what you really need and release feelings of guilt, frustration or get clear on your personal truth?
  • What are some simple techniques or tools you can use to manage delicate communications?

In all types of relationships – romantic, professional collaborations, friendships or family bonds, you eventually reach a time and space when you encounter energetic disharmony. Sometimes you continue to do what you’ve always done because it’s uncomfortable to change. In other cases, you are unsure of how to explain your feelings clearly or without causing someone pain, or you’re both evolving in different ways and the connection can no longer support your growth and development. On occasion, it can feel like a connection has a “vampire-like” energy – even if the person is not conscious they are projecting it onto you.

The real question to ask yourself is, “Can the relationship can be shifted, and is it in your best interests to do so?”

Don’t get caught up in the cross hairs of politeness vs your personal truth. Get quiet and go within, listen, embrace what you need and find a way to communicate your needs as best you can. You can’t force someone to listen to your truth, but you can put it out there to best of your ability to remain in integrity with yourself through transformation. Responding in a mindful way, not reacting, and doing what you need for your self-care is what’s most important.

What are some of your experiences with cutting a connection? How did you know it was finally time?

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Photo Credit: Zechariah Judy