Episode 27

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A common belief on the personal development and spiritual path is that you need to avoid certain foods in order to attain specific spiritual states. Another is that “impure foods” may impact your ability to meditate and tune in to your deepest self.

But what exactly are impure foods? What’s OK or not OK to eat when you are on a path of transformation, and why do we (as a society) get so twisted up about it by adding guilt and shame to the mix?

While there’s truth to how your diet affects your vibration, the rules around spiritual food are not as rigid as they are often portrayed or shared in spiritual circles.

On this episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, we discuss the vibration of the foods we eat and how they can influence our overall energy in a variety of ways. Jamie and I also talk about strictness in food and drink as part of a spiritual practice, and how vilifying certain foods can create guilt and other lower vibration energies.

Join us as we chat about how food, drink and the way we think about or use them in our lives influences our spiritual nature, and why it’s essential to embrace unique health and food needs along your personal path. 

What do you think? Do foods impact the quality of your spiritual experience? Where do you draw the line between food and the influence it has on your energetic vibration or spiritual path? 

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