Episode 11 



There are lots of ways to manage transition, and no one way is “right”. Yet, we often put a lot pressure on the choices we make when in transition to be “right”, despite the fact that it’s an unstable time when nothing is clear or set in stone.

During this episode of Flirting with Enlightenment, we talk about the role the body plays in helping clue us in to the fact we are in transition (even if we don’t notice it mentally) and how the physical body is an essential tool to tune into when the path ahead is anything but clear.

The body often helps you to move through emotional and mental challenges in order to release old or “stuck” energy out of your system through physical means. A stuffy nose, a stiff back or a chronic grumpy gut can be a signal that you have blocks under the surface that are coming up for healing so you can transition into a new way of thinking or lifestyle.

Of course there are physical challenges that clearly need medical treatment, (and you should always consult a doctor). However, there are many cases when your body moves through a cycle of temporary discomfort along with your mind and heart to help you expand, grow and learn to trust yourself along the way.

At the times when you are not paying attention to what your body is telling you, it’s also easy to blame it for failing you, instead of listening to the hints it’s giving you to slow down, tune in and let yourself clear out what you no longer need to carry in your mind, body or spirit.

Listen to this episode of Flirting with Enlightenment for tips on simple ways to:

  • Tune into your body during transition to get important clues
  • Learn to trust the information you are getting from your body to make a choice that’s right in the moment
  • Be more at peace with the flow of life and the choices you make (no matter what)
  • Understand how your body reacts under stress and how to cooperate with what it’s telling you so you can move past resistance and friction to transition into something better for you
  • Build trust in yourself with each decision you make

Mindfulness starts when you are willing to take the first most important step – to listen to yourself. It’s the key to building self-trust, confidence and moving through the fog of transition.

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