Episode 13

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Relationships are very powerful teachers in your life. They act as amazing mirrors, showing you what you need to learn, let go of, or open up to along your personal development path. In turn, you offer the same for others, whether you actively try to or not.

Through relationship we share and expand together as a species, even if our journeys are all a little different. This is why it’s so important to try and find a healthy balance between your needs, values and managing the reactions of others as you learn and grow. Yet, this “simple” task is so much easier said than done!

Relationships, Reflection and Developing the Inner You 

On this episode of Flirting with Enlightenment, we explore how relationships impact creativity, spiritual development and our quality of life as we learn about ourselves along the way. As very insightful mirrors, relationships can illuminate things you are unable to see clearly on your own, giving you a valuable opportunity understand your triggers, work through and apply the lessons, and heal unsupportive patterns.

It’s not always easy to see how the friction in your relationship connections is about what you need to learn vs what the other person needs to move through for their own learning. In addition, it can be hard to stay free of judgment or blame on both sides.

By tuning in and being playfully open to the energy in your relationship exchanges, you can learn so much about what you need and want along your life path. You can also explore how to be open to a person and take a mindful look at what they are offering, while making sure you take care of your own needs, too.

Tune in to catch our tips on managing relationships and making the most of everything they have to offer as a self-reflection tool for learning and personal development.

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