Episode 14


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What is the difference between masculine and feminine energy? What role does it play in our personal development and growth? How do the ego and social norms impact our self-expression of each energy type? Is there a way to balance it all to embrace the feminine and masculine parts of ourselves, moment-to-moment?

So many questions!

On this episode of Flirting with Enlightenment we talk about how your personal expression of masculine and feminine energy comes from a combination of factors; experiences, emotions, relationships, creative expression, and natural spiritual practice. These each impact how you connect with your divine nature to live a more balanced expression of your life.

We cover:

  • What masculine and feminine energy is and how it flows/operates within us
  • The role personality traits factor into how we define our outward expression as male or female
  • How the ego can get in the way of expressing your full masculine and feminine self
  • Creating awareness around when we are getting stuck in our mental or emotional space
  • Aligning with your real self to express all of who you to let your light shine fully

…and then some.

There are so many ways we can feel compelled to act, but, there’s only one authentic you to express in the world. The more mindful you are about where you have limiting beliefs around masculine and feminine energy styles, constraints of social norms or how your own fears may be holding you back, the closer you get to finding a balance of the male and female expression of energy that works for you.

Join us to find out what we think about all this!

How do you connect with and balance the male and female aspects of yourself? Do you notice certain ways your ego likes to step in and distract or deter you from expressing your full masculine or feminine self? 

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