Episode 1

What’s inner guidance?  How does it come through for you? Is there a secret to “doing it right”?

In the premier episode of the Flirting with Enlightenment podcast, we explore the topic of inner guidance and how to tune into it easily throughout the day for more clarity and confidence in your life.

Whether you are new to a mindful path, looking to tap deeper into your creativity or want some personal development insights, this first episode explores  simple tips to help you tune in and expand into a more mindful practice that feels natural. We also talk about what inspired us to connect the dots between spirituality, creativity and why it’s so powerful.

Tuning in and Listening to yourself in a Mindful Way 

Taking the time to dig in to how you work is the most effective way to understand your own unique brand of inner guidance and how it shows up for you. Maybe you get a twinge in your gut when something doesn’t feel right, or actually hear an inner voice speaking to you, providing a sense of direction or action. The more you can be present with whatever comes up (and how), the more in tune you become to the flow of your own guidance in the every day.

When things get crazy or feel a bit overwhelming, being able to call on your inner guidance is what helps you to stay grounded, centered and clear on how to move forward and trust yourself. This direct connection to your innate inner wisdom is not outside of you, but residing within.  Are you ready to open up to it and be present with what it’s sharing?

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Photo credit: Yaniv