Episode 19

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Being your true self isn’t always easy, especially when you feel an underlying fear holding you back from being yourself naturally, or you aren’t quite sure how to be in your own skin. There are a lot of reasons people develop an underlying sense of fear that unknowingly creeps into their thoughts and actions, but there’s only one way forward. You need to turn inward to face what’s lurking in the background and what’s it’s trying to show you.

On this episode of Flirting with Enlightenment, we share our thoughts on sidestepping fear to embrace your power, and offer tips on how to get there.

You may be unknowingly limiting your fullest self expression and traveling through life on a “low frequency battery” when you are:

  • Stuck in limiting patterns from childhood
  • Building habits based on a need to stay safe
  • Caught up in the fear of being judged
  • Not taking time to get quiet, be with yourself and tune into basic needs and desires
  • Making things easy for everyone else vs. speaking your truth

All of these situations can add an element of fear that may be hard to pinpoint or understand because it’s under the surface of your uncomfortable experiences.

In the short run it can seem easier to always step into to the role of a chameleon. Long-term the habit of hiding keeps you from connecting with the divine aspects of yourself or fully expressing your true creative self in the world.

Being clear on who you are can make things easy, or uneasy, depending on how in tune you are with your true self. However, at some point in time, everyone has had a challenge answering the questions, “How do I know who I am, and why does being myself feel challenging or scary?”

Well, everything appears more scary when you are not grounded in you true self. It’s harder to try new things, explore, connect with people and trust your intuition. When you are really clear on where you stand, you can get excited by the possibilities of life rather than trying to deflect from stepping into your fullest self.

At our core, everyone just wants to be happy and recognized – it’s basic human need. So start with yourself! Make time to tune into your truth and release how others will receive it. What they hear and feel is their job!

What are some ways you’ve overcome connecting with the truth of who you are and standing in your power and confidence?

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