Episode 21

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Human connection is still an important part of life when moving through inner change and personal transformation, but it does require a bit of finesse to do it mindfully. Not only are you releasing the old and honoring your new changing needs and desires, you are also in a place of reconfiguring personal connections, too.

This phase of personal development can be a bit lonely and unsettling. At times you may feel like you need to explain or share the “new you” with family and old friends, even as your clarity is still forming. You also may feel a deep need to retreat and spend time alone to focus on self-care.

In addition, your “new skin” can feel like a delicate egg shell that’s still forming and can crack open at any moment, making it hard to tune into new, supportive connections.

On this episode of Flirting with Enlightenment, we talk about the essential changes you experience as you become more in tune with your true self, and mindful ways to be social as you move through transformation along your path.

We cover common “side-effects” of moving through change such as:

  • Becoming more sensitive physically and emotionally
  • Experiencing deeper intuitive and empathic abilities around others
  • Feeling discomfort around old connections that may no longer resonate
  • Carrying a sense of loneliness or feeling like a “misfit”
  • Feeling drained or irritable after social interactions with certain people or in certain locations
  • Friends and family asking “what’s wrong?, “are you OK”?
  • Confusion about what feels good to you and not judging it

In this context, socializing almost turns into a new skill to develop, as you get clearer and more mindful about how you want to connect with others moving forward.

During the podcast, we will also offer tips on socializing mindfully during transformation in order to build more heart-centered relationships and “update” connections with the people already in your life in a way that resonates with the newest version of you.

It’s important not to let fear or uncertainty keep you from stepping out in ways that feel good – even if at times it seems like a bit of a risk. Socializing (online or in-person) fills your need for human connection and provides a testing ground for you to come into your own, on your terms.

Check out this episode to find out how you can honor your changing self and still connect to the support you need to feel a part of the bigger world.

What are some things you’ve experienced in exploring your social skills during or after personal transformation? How did they change?

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Photo credit: Matthew Montgomery