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How Beliefs Around Success and Failure Create Judgment Thinking, and Ways to Shift It

Episode 116  Listen to “Flirting With Enlightenment” on Spreaker.             There’s something to be said for staying positive and focusing on the core elements of what we view as success in our life. It can be… Continue Reading →

The Levels of Goodbye and Why They Matter

Episode 115 Listen to “Flirting With Enlightenment”              The levels of goodbye matter. What we learn, how we heal, and what opens up next for us all starts with the levels of goodbye we integrate. Living through… Continue Reading →

Facts, Feelings and the Truth Between

Episode 114 Listen to “Facts, Feelings and the Truth Between” on Spreaker.           The journey to understand facts, feelings and the truth between can feel like a tall order and a lot to process, especially when there… Continue Reading →

The Truth About Connecting With Your Sense of Inner Confidence

Episode 113 Listen to “Flirting With Enlightenment” on Spreaker.           The confidence we have in ourselves is sometimes hard won, but it really is in there. Our challenge is to find ways to peel back the layers and see what’s… Continue Reading →

Ways to Assess Empowering Opportunities for Yourself

Episode 112 Listen to “Flirting With Enlightenment” on Spreaker.           In the new year it’s easy to jump right into action, yet, there’s a quiet power in taking extra time to assess empowering opportunities, and their potential… Continue Reading →

What Character Are you Playing in Your Life and Why?

Episode 111           Listen to “What Character Are You Playing in Your Life and Why?”. What character are you playing in your life? Why? Don’t be insulted or brush the idea off immediately. I’m seriously asking you… Continue Reading →

Understanding and Navigating the Energy of Obligation

Episode 110 Listen to “Understanding and Navigating the Energy of Obligation” on Spreaker.           As humans, we perceive the energy of obligation as acting out of principle and integrity. In fact, the definition of obligation is to act… Continue Reading →

The Art of Simplicity as a Practice

Episode 109 Listen to “The Art of Simplicity as a Practice.”           The art of simplicity as a practice isn’t always simple to manage in everyday life. When we keep things simple in the mind it can… Continue Reading →

Take Charge or Let Things Unfold? Finding a Mindful Balance

Episode 108 “Take Charge or Let Things Unfold? Finding a Mindful Balance”.           The challenge of knowing when to take charge or let things unfold is an age old dilemma. It can keep you on your toes… Continue Reading →

Practice Presence to Build Clarity and Self-Compassion

Episode 107 “Practice Presence To Build Clarity and Self-Compassion”.           What does it mean to practice presence? Is it a lifestyle? Mindset? Perspective? Journey? All of the above and more? The way you practice presence changes as… Continue Reading →

Quick Summer Break

As summer winds down in the US, I was inspired to take a little break myself. I’m out on the east coast visiting with family and getting in a little beach time. I live in a land locked state after… Continue Reading →

Breaking Patterns and Building New Creative Pathways

Episode 106 “Breaking Patterns and Building New Creative Pathways”.           Breaking patterns that are outdated or unhealthy seems easy to do once you finally notice them. It gives you the edge to actively move towards releasing the… Continue Reading →

Regrouping After a Setback

Episode 105  Listen to “Regrouping After a Setback”.           Regrouping after a setback can feel a lot like working through a 12-step recovery program. After we go through all the feelings, frustrations, and possible workarounds, we still… Continue Reading →

Seeing and Understanding the Role of Chaos in Our Lives

Episode 104 “Seeing and Understanding the Role of Chaos”.        Chaos is part of life on a small and large scale. It’s key to how we learn about ourselves, grow, and shift focus; to create what’s really in our… Continue Reading →

Noticing Signs of Overwhelm and Tips to Create Healthy Self-Care Habits

Episode 103 “Noticing Signs of Overwhelm and Tips to Create Healthy Self-Care Habits” on Spreaker.          Are you good at noticing signs of overwhelm? Can you tell when you need to walk away and get some space? Are… Continue Reading →

Feeling Lonely on the Spiritual Journey

Episode 102  “Feeling Lonely on the Spiritual Journey” on Spreaker. It’s easy to begin feeling lonely on the spiritual journey. Doing the inner work to focus on healing, changing patterns, and releasing habits that no longer serve us takes energy… Continue Reading →

Power of Doing a Personal Value Review

Episode 101 “Power of Doing a Personal Value Review”.        Have you ever done a personal value review? Taken the time to really dig in and find out what matters to your heart and soul, or understand the… Continue Reading →

Signs and How We Assign Them Meaning

Episode 100 “Signs and How We Assign Them Meaning” on Spreaker.        The signs you see in your life can come in all shapes and forms, but how you assign those signs a meaning is what counts. It’s… Continue Reading →

Energy Shifts and Tuning into a New Flow

Energy shifts can be big or subtle. The challenge is in honoring what you are sensing, then deciding it’s time to embrace what you feel to honor what it has to show you. This month I was drawn to take… Continue Reading →

Crown Chakra: Gateway to Higher Consciousness

Episode 99 “Crown Chakra: Gateway to Higher Consciousness”        The crown chakra, last of the seven core major chakras, acts as our portal to spirit and higher consciousness. Located at the very top of our skull, the crown… Continue Reading →

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