Episode 30

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Do you ever experience remarkable coincidences?

For example when you start thinking about someone you haven’t met for years, and moments later you run into them. Or perhaps when things don’t go how you plan or want, and afterwards when you look back you realise it turned out to be incredibly beneficial. Whether or not you believe in coincidences, these are examples of synchronicity… the simultaneous occurrence of apparently related events but which have no discernible causal connection.

Synchronicity is something which we most often notice with surprising coincidences. However, synchronicity goes far deeper than the mere occurrence of coincidences. For someone who is following a mindful path, it is an expression of a connection between something that is going on within us and something that is happening outside of us.

When we connect with our inner spiritual nature we are able to tune into the synchronicity that is always happening around us. It represents the flow of life, the harmonious movement of the Universe. When we are in line with that Divine flow synchronicity becomes a natural part of our daily life. Even the smallest things become synchronicities, full of meaning and lessons for us to learn from every moment that we are being mindful enough to pay attention.

In this episode of Flirting With Enlightenment, we explore the question of what is synchronicity and how it shows up. We share our different perspectives of seeing synchronicity as an expression of Divine will, versus an intuitive-mindful connection with the Universe. Both these viewpoints are actually just two sides of the same coin, when we realise that we can partner-up with synchronicity to co-create the Universe’s intention in each moment. Katrina and I draw on our own personal experience to share some tips on how you can tune into synchronicity as part of a daily mindful practice.

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