Episode 40

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The body is always sharing insights and deeper wisdom with us, acting as an intuitive tool beyond the physical level. It’s sensations, flutters and pains teach us countless things, if we are actively listening to the body and willing to act on the wisdom it provides.

And these little “peeks” of information are only a blip of what listening to the body can tell us about our true ourselves.

On this episode of the Flirting with Enlightenment podcast, we talk about the physical body, how it relates to our energy body (chakras and our aura) and share insights on learning to understand the unique “language” it uses to communicate with us in every moment.

We also talk about how the mind, body and spirit are all connected as one complete package. When one area of our life is impacted and becomes of synch, our physical and energy body can feel extra sensitive or more closed off as a result. This is how we begin to recognize our energy is out of alignment and needs to be released or redirected in order for the natural, innate wisdom of the body to take over so we can heal.

For empaths, the body serves as an even more finely-tuned tool that allows us to sense the energy of our environment, as well as from other people, within ourselves at a very deep level. This can sometimes be confusing, as we can carry emotions like anxiety, fear, sadness etc.without even realizing it belongs to someone else.

Cultivating Love and Compassion for the Body, Even When it Hurts or Disappoints Us

Parts of the body that may be in pain or discomfort also have a vibrational and psychological association. When something is coming up in our heart or mind, for example, the body reflects these emotional imbalances in a physical way to get our attention, help us learn, then release what we no longer need to “carry”.

It’s important to balance managing insights from the body by listening to it and loving it anyway, even when it’s not doing exactly what you want. Different parts of the body resonate at different frequencies. If we can tap into them, we can influence those organs physically. So practice ways to harmonize that vibration by bringing it into alignment with body work, yoga, Reiki, acupuncture or other healing modality.

What deeper wisdom can you gain by listening to the body and what it’s trying to share with you?

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