Episode 12 

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Opening up to a spiritual or more mindful path is a life-changing experience in big and subtle ways, but does it actually require a guru, spiritual teacher or mentor? Or can you use books, classes, music, energy work and deep emotional experiences to awaken intuitive inner knowing and find your unique spiritual path?

On this episode of Flirting with Enlightenment, Jamie and I dig into how we think it’s all of the above – and more.

A spiritual guide and teacher can come in many forms. However, it’s the terminology people use (guru, spiritual teacher, mentor, coach, intuitive guide) that can become a bit confusing and diluted. Each role has a specific meaning that’s essential to knowing what you need, or desire, along your own path.

When people are “awakening” and connecting with their spirituality on a deeper level, they often look for someone or something as a guide, connection or beacon. As a result, they can sometimes be susceptible to clever marketing that has little substance. For those who’ve been on the inner growth path for a while, they may confuse their growth, strength and progress to a specific person or spiritual teacher, not realizing their evolution is always an “inside job”.

Learning to hear and trust to your intuition and gut feelings when finding new connections, especially spiritually-oriented ones, is all part of your learning path. Listen to the podcast to hear our tips on how to honor yourself first and pick connections that guide with integrity. We also cover definitions of these various influential positions, what to look for when searching for a teacher or guide and ways to explore your inner dimensions and divine path through self-guidance.

No matter how spiritual you think you are, there’s always something to learn. Share your thoughts on the blog or email us with questions. We would love to hear from you!

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