Episode 23

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Nature is one of the best teachers you can engage with along your spiritual and self-growth path. It’s a healing presence, wise guide, a reminder of our interconnectedness and an inspiration when you are feeling lost or confused.

Nature also acts as a container for so many of the developmental experiences you have while in a human form.

So are you paying attention to little signs from nature? Do you embrace what it has to tell you on a symbolic level rather than just a literal one?

On this episode of Flirting with Enlightenment, we talk about how the rhythms within you often sync up with the ones you experience through nature, and how this mirror is such a powerful tool for self-growth and spiritual development.

We also cover some simple basics about Shamanism as it relates to the inter connection of all life, and the ecosystem we all create as living organisms on the planet acting as one consciousness. Shamanic and spiritual practices help you use nature for guidance and as a simple way to ground yourself after getting disconnected through the technology and pace of modern society.

In addition, during the podcast Jamie and I will share our personal animal interaction stories and how we were moved and enlightened by a specific animal presence.

The special connection you choose to develop and foster within nature allows you to embrace the little bits of wisdom she can share with you, while offering a neutral, non-judgmental space for personal growth. How are you tuning into what those messages are for you along your spiritual path?

Here are some simple ways nature may be speaking to you right now:

  • Do you have a favorite plant, animal or bird? What do you like about them?
  • What kinds of creatures to you often see on your walks or time in nature?
  • Is there a period of time that you notice certain animals, birds or insects with some frequency, then sightings taper off?
  • How do you want to open up a more direct connection with nature’s wisdom?

Everything is one divine consciousness, and expresses itself through all forms of life. Are you listening to what nature might be trying to show you about your spiritual path or areas of self-growth?

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Photo Credit: Jon Nelson