Episode 58

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There’s no denying that teachers play a powerful role in our lives. They can be people who inspire you, make a difference in your life or hold the energy of what you aspire to become or grow within yourself.

Maybe you had a favorite teacher when you were young who influenced your path or encouraged you in a way no one else ever had. Perhaps you connected with a book that sparked an interest, guiding you to try something completely new that impacted your life from then on.

If a specific person does not jump out at you, maybe you are able to find the “teacher” within all the people you encounter, remaining open to learning from a shared experience or exchange.

No matter how these guiding figures appear in your life, the powerful influence they offer makes a big difference in how you see options and choices throughout your life path.

On the latest episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast we jump on the back to school energy wave! Jamie and I open up about teachers who have influenced each of us in unique ways. We also talk about the energy of teachers and the powerful way they stay present, choosing to lead and teach by example.

The exchange shared with teachers can be a powerful one-on-one interaction or through books, videos or events while at a distance. Both are equally influential approaches and offer something very important – they help you rediscover a truth you already know. Often this happens in layers as you move through self-growth reconnecting with the “seeds” of learning that were planted long ago.

Join us as we talk about how these influential guides help us remember our own inner power and encourage us to connect to our greatest gifts. What are some of the unique ways a teacher has touched your heart or influenced your path? Tell us! 

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