Episode 3

Do you have a set of tools and resources to call on for clarity during times of uncertainty? Or do you usually get stuck in your head and try to “think” your way through a challenging time or a period of change?

On this episode of Flirting with Enlightenment, we dive into how to navigate change and shift awareness through simple tools. When you gain a bit of perspective through external support, it makes it easier understand your true self and accept the parts of you still hiding in the shadows.

The tools you call on don’t change the future or determine a certain outcome, but help describe the potential you have or give you and expanded point of view. Then you can begin to use that information to shift your perspective.

The biggest benefit of calling on external expertise is that it can help you understand what triggers certain emotions and how they drive your behavior in various situations. If you can see your emotional and mental experience as information that helps guide you to the next step on your journey, your path to clarity becomes an ongoing exercise in listening, trust and mindfulness.

Learning and growing comes in the form of change and it’s an ongoing life-long process. As a willingness to shift and grow comes from within you, the tools you use can offer fresh perspective to help you shift to the next stage of enlightenment. With practice, it becomes easier and easier to access your inner knowing and trust yourself.

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Photo credit: Javier Morales