Episode 35

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Do we need to be setting goals in order to achieve a sense of personal happiness and wellbeing? Is there an art to creating them? What do we really need to know or embrace about ourselves before we jump into setting goals?

On this episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, Jamie and I discuss our differing viewpoints about goals, and how we each look at using them as a tool in our lives. We dive into types of goal setting and explore the difference between aiming for benchmarks that support personal wellbeing and creativity, vs career or business (or if there is one at all).

During the podcast we also cover specific challenges facing entrepreneurs who often want to turn their passion into their livelihood. With this dynamic, personal and professional aspects of life intertwine in unique ways, calling for clarity and inner energetic alignment as part of a goal setting practice.

In addition, Jamie and I offer our opinions on catching the ego “in the act” of sabotage, and how it can sometimes mess with how we set mindful goals that support our mind, body and spirit in a healthy way.

So is setting goals a waste of time, creating mentally rigid boundaries and expectations? Or is there a way to craft goals that enables us to learn more about our true values and set benchmarks to shift how we see ourselves, self-worth and our spiritual path? 

Listen in as Jamie and I talk about creativity, spirituality and the true role of intentions in order to create goals that support wellbeing and personal success.

This post is part of a mini-series on mindful success and How to Create a Healthy Approach to Defining What Success Means to you From a Mind, Body, Spirit Perspective. For additional insights on goals, check out our previous podcast, Adjusting “Resolutions” to Align with the True Energy of the Year Ahead.

If you would like additional insight as you explore creating a goal setting practice, check out this link to the Rapid Planning Method by coach Tony Robbins, the coach Jamie mentioned during the podcast.