Episode 36

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Focus is a powerful word. In one sense, it’s the fuel that empowers you to mentally concentrate in order meet goals and overcome obstacles in a physical way. In another sense, focus represents the unseen energy of concentrated flow towards something, like passion or desire.

This dual nature of the word is what is often misunderstood. Focus is not pure force or mental pushing. It’s a balance of applying the right type of force and attention in a mindful way that enables you to incorporate the mind, body and spirit elements of intentions and goals. In other words, embracing a holistic perspective in terms of how you concentrate on all things in your life.

On this episode of Flirting With Enlightenment, Jamie and I talk about focus as an act that requires mindful intention, tied with clear vision and the ability to be present in the moment. We also explore how engaging your full awareness into an intention or task is what helps you fully connect with the act of creating, turning you into an instrument of the divine.

Tune into the podcast to hear more about:

  • Defining what focus means to you and how to be more mindful about it in the moment
  • Making sure you are creating a clear vision that still leaves space for creative opportunity to unfold around it
  • Concentration as a mental thought, emotional driver and physical action
  • The energy of focus vs the energy of completion and why it matters
  • Ways technology can interfere with mindful focus
  • Why a grounding practice is essential
  • Working through procrastination and the purpose it serves

How do you suspend distraction and concentrate on building momentum in a mindful way?

This post is the final podcast in a mini-series on rethinking how we approach success in a way that allows us to embrace our full selves rather than just the mental or egoic self. Check out the first podcast in the series, What Does Success Mean from a Mind, Body, Spirit Perspective and the follow up podcast, Setting Goals That Support Wellbeing and Personal Success.

*Image:* Jean Henrique Wichinoski