Episode 61

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There’s an energy around intentions that seems part mystical, part wishful thinking and part spiritual. The exact blend is not a science or formula, and there is no one size fits all approach to creating intentions.

However, one key ingredient to crafting a powerful intention is to feel a sense of clarity in mind, body and spirit, while doing your best to set aside the ego.

On the latest episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, Jamie and I talk about the basic requirements for setting intentions. We also discuss how your meditation, self-care and spiritual practice directly impacts the quality of intentions overall, because they establish your state of mind and heart.

When you are able to get really clear about an idea, goal or desire, then put focused energy on it, you actively set an intention in motion. While you aren’t able to predict how a certain intention will come to pass, you can certainly be present with how it feels within you. If it’s in integrity with your higher self, the desired intention (or something better) is put into motion though universal energy.

You can create intentions about all kinds of things big and small, including:

  • How the day will go
  • A personal goal
  • Shifts in behavior
  • Ways you want to show up for myself
  • Improvements for your business, relationships or career

…and more.

You can also use intentions for specific spiritual or personal energy-based practices, including shamanism, prayer, Wicca, Reiki a variety of other energy healing modalities. Many people create intentions around moon cycles, holidays, and birthdays too, helping focus and reset energy towards desires or releasing old energy.

The most essential part in creating a powerful intention is to make a clear statement, feel if it resonates, then…

Leave the energy open to manifest without restrictions. Otherwise it’s like you are putting in a fast food order rather than setting an intention for personal growth. The intention simply focuses energy in a direction and the universe takes care of the rest.

It’s important to see intentions as mind, body, spirit expressions – a holistic desire that transcends the ego and attachment to a specific outcome. When you can focus on providing a balance of these energies in your life, intentions definitely pack a lot more punch. Then you can hold a detached awareness of your intentions, rather than treating them like goals to be achieved.

To start, create more balance within yourself by walking in nature, meditating or simply sitting without distractions for a few moments.

Then focus on asking some inner questions like:

  • What do I want to create or build?
  • What do I deeply desire?
  • Where would I like some extra support to make some life changes?

Remember, your soul needs challenges to grow. Sometimes what you see as the intention works out in a way you dislike. However, the outcome always reflects what needs to happen for the deepest learning and expansion

Join us as we talk about how to create and set clear intentions, and tips on giving them an energetic, focused boost! What are some tips you have on crafting intentions? 

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