Episode 44

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Judgment against ourselves or others is a natural human reaction, but what purpose does judgement serve in our lives?

  • As an indicator of our deepest areas of self- growth?
  • A tool for managing the ego?
  • Way for us to move beyond limiting patterns from our past?
  • Mechanism for feeling more “in control”?
  • Window into our own vanity and how we react to being judged by others?

Well,  judgment can include all of these insights, and more, depending on our personality, background, and role models. In any culture or society, we learn judgmental behaviors from family, friends and people in our social circles that can have a lasting influence until we “unlearn” them.

Our emotions can strongly impact the judgments we create and act on regularly as well, especially when our judgments become a self-protection mechanism.

Online behavior is yet another trigger for judgment behavior towards ourselves and others. Social media encourages judgment and competition as well as the countless number of reality shows on television.

Given that society conditions people to judge almost like an involuntary reflex, how can we look at judgment for what it truly is, and build a mindful practice of suspending it as much as we can?

On the latest episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, Jamie and I talk about how easy it is to fall into a pattern of judgment without realizing it, and share ways to build an awareness around shifting the behavior to something more supportive. We also explore how judgment behavior can be a bit more sneaky than you expect, even when we consider ourselves “mindful” or on a “spiritual path”.

In the big picture, judgment does not have to be a negative thing if we notice when we are doing it and use it as an awareness tool for looking deeper into how and why it’s triggered.

It’s well worth it to explore how to use judgment as a signal for where we need to open, educate ourselves and grow. Otherwise we continue to use it as a way to avoid looking at what we really need to shift within ourselves.

What are some common ways you notice judgment creeping up for you?

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