Episode 54

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The desire for authentic connection is universal, especially when it comes to finding a romantic soul mate partner.

As humans we love to hear about love, or better yet, how the search for a romantic soul mate has played out in the bigger world. There are countless books, movies, shows and podcasts about happy ending love stories and missed or rekindled connections, recounting how true love has won or remain unrequited.

The interesting part about this seemingly inherent, soul-driven desire is that we can’t always understand what motivates it, or why we fall in love with certain people. Overwhelmed by hormones, emotions and the desire for a deep, understanding connection we often miss the most important part…

why we want to find a romantic soul mate or partner in life in the first place. 

On the latest podcast, we talk about grounded ways to help you get clear in mind, body and spirit about what you want in a romantic soul mate, and the type of healthy relationships you want to create. We also highlight specific ways to dig deeper into what’s true for you and what you desire in a partner.

Most importantly, we talk about how carrying around an energy of searching for the one can be the biggest block of all, putting you on a path of seeking connections the wrong reasons, or scrambling to fill gaps within our own heart. When you dig deeper into what you want, you discover the qualities we seek in a partner are the same we wish to see or expand within ourselves.

Relationships are an important part of health, well being and inner learning at every level. Romantic soul mate connections may not always last forever, but they are some of the deepest, most life changing relationships you ever experience.

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