Episode 99

“Learning and Growing Through Crisis Energy from Flirting With Enlightenment”.


We all experience crisis energy in our lives to different degrees, but it’s not always easy to learn and grow from it.

Between our love life, career, health, creativity, family and friend relationships, there are tons of areas where we need to learn how to balance emotions, expectations, disappointments and unexpected experiences. At the same time, we are learning how to stay grounded and grow as a heart-centered human.

As we try to navigate this complex road, we can sometimes fall into a victim mentality or focus on what isn’t working, which makes us feel stuck, upset, and confused. Instead of seeing crisis energy as a negative and always focusing on what is going wrong, it can help to shift our mindset and see what learning and growing we can do from a mind, body, spirit level when a crisis arises. And if we are ready to actually listen, we may just connect with the truth behind the signs and messages we have been getting all along for healing and deeper self-understanding.

On the latest podcast, I talk about the experience of working with crisis energy and how it can be enlightening and empowering. Crisis helps us to learn about ourselves and how we work, what we really want, the things we are willing to tolerate, and so much more.

I also talk about how crisis energy, or a series of crises in a row, can be illuminating for the soul, allowing us to see a bigger picture pattern we are finally ready to release for good to transform from the inside out.

Last but not least, I share some details on personal crisis energy that showed up in the form of health-related challenges, and how I was able to reconnect and heal parts of myself to move forward with confidence, clarity, and self-love.

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