Episode 56

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The root and sacral chakras are the first two of seven core chakras located within the body. The chakra energy centers, or “wheels” as they are known in Sanskrit, influence our mind, body and spirit, helping us understand how we operate as a unique expression of consciousness.

Using the chakras as a guide enables better understanding of what we need on a mind, body spirit level as we grow and expand. Then, we can use the healing tools or modalities that resonate to support our energy system and enhance spiritual and creative connections.

On the latest episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, Jamie and I offer an overview of the root and sacral chakras in more detail and cover the specific roles they play individually and as a unit. Located between the bellybutton and hips down to the feet, the root and sacral chakras act as our umbilical cord into the earth, forming the very root of our physical and emotional connections. That’s some pretty important energy!

We also discuss specific challenges that may arise when the root or sacral chakra is moving too quickly or too slowly, and cover ways to get things back in balance once again. Once we understand how the energy centers operate within our own body, the more empowered we become with how to manage them.

External influences, people and stress all play a role in how our chakras allow energy to flow, which makes creating strong “roots” an essential part of our wellbeing. When the root and sacral chakra are supported properly, we feel clear and rooted when life outside us seems crazy. What better reason can you think of to care for and support these chakras each day?

Have insights on managing energy in the root and sacral chakras? Share them here or in our community.

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