Episode 87

“Cultivating Inner Strength”


Cultivating inner strength is a live and learn practice.

Each time we move through a challenge, we gain some new “smarts”, and are presented with the opportunity to practice them as we move forward. However, challenges aren’t usually planned or scheduled in life, unless we intentionally set ourselves up to tackle new goals. And even in these situations, we can’t anticipate all potential outcomes.

Which means every single one of us has faced a situation where we thought, “Can I do this? Am I strong enough to get through to the other side? Is there a way I can grow from this and be OK?”

In other words, we’ve questioned the quality of our inner strength.

Due to the fact we aren’t sure what’s around the corner from moment to moment, or how it will play out, we need to build a practice of self-care that has inner strength as a by-product. Little efforts done consistently build up our “reserves”, and help us keep a more positive perspective when we hit things that feel bigger than our ability to deal with them.

On the latest episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, I talk about cultivating inner strength as a self-care practice, and share tips and insights on how to add more of this good juju practice into a daily schedule. I also talk about why tuning into how we feel, and the nuances of it, helps us get a better idea of how it impacts our mindset, so we can move through challenges with more grace, ease, and consistent self-care.

Paying attention and really listening to our body, mind, spirit, and heart, giving them all a time and space to speak with us, provides the power that builds up inner strength reserves for when we need them most.

What are some practices you use regularly or want to create to help cultivate that inner clarity and strength from day to day?

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