Episode 42

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The use of drugs on the spiritual path or in cultural ceremonies is a centuries-old practice. Many indigenous cultures continue to use them as part of tradition and rites of passage celebrations, pulling in the power of plants as a way to celebrate nature and honor her gifts.

But how does the practice of using drugs to open our minds and enhance spiritual growth play out in the modern culture of the western world?

In places like the United States, drug regulations are changing up a bit. Marijuana is slowly being recognized and accepted for it’s medicinal and healing qualities to help ease suffering for people who are terminally ill, have post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or anxiety. And in a very small way, it’s bringing people back to nature through the powerful energy of the plant itself.

However, there are cases where people use drugs as a “short-cut” to crack open spiritual awakening without a philosophy to serve as a foundation, or lack a mindful practice that allows them to experiment and develop a deeper spiritual sense-of-self naturally.

On this week’s episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast we share our opinions about using drugs as a tool to enhance our spiritual path and connect with our higher self. As usual, we each offer our personal experiences and thoughts, and Jamie adds his unique “insider” perspective as a former monk.

Please note that we are NOT advocating the use of drugs on the spiritual path as a way to enhance a spiritual practice, but simply sharing our ideas and philosophies.

However, we do believe when used in a mindful way with a trusted guide or teacher, certain natural drugs can open up the heart, mind and chakras, and enable us to see life differently. This provides a space that allows people to step away from the masks they create and step into the truth of who they are with greater clarity.

So is there a “right” way to use drugs on the spiritual path to tap into our deepest essence? What do you think?

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