Episode 55

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There is true power in sound. It influences so many aspects our energy and physical being simply through its state of vibration. Sound energy inspires healing, relaxation and connection. It helps our nervous system get amped or relax, and assists in the positive reshaping of neural pathways.

Music has also played a very important role in ceremonies and celebrations for centuries, and serves at the root of countless ancient spiritual practices.

Most importantly, we can absolutely use the power of this naturally occurring vibration in a deeper, more mindful and meditative way in our everyday life.

On the latest episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, we talk about ways to share and access the power of sound to deepen and enhance our spirituality, creativity, personal power and overall wellbeing.

Jamie and I share insights on how certain frequencies can help us reach higher levels of consciousness, ways to use it to grow and strengthen a meditation practice, as well as how sound can improve healing and build sensitivity beyond the normal senses.

In addition, we offer tips and suggestions on how to easily incorporate more of the power sound into a daily practice through meditation, chanting or affirmations. In little ways, we can “charge up” these tools and call on them when we need them most – especially when we act on what resonates.

For a special treat, Jamie will share a demo of a sound meditation he used as part of his practice in the monastery. It’s simple but very powerful!

No matter how we play with sound, it helps us connect to a deeper place within ourselves and each other, note by note and tone by tone.

What ways do you notice sound, music or chanting supports you?

If you struggle with meditation, check out Jamie’s blog post on the basic ingredients for an easier (and more pleasurable) practice. Want a little more insight on ways to relax and tune in? Check out our podcast Creating and Connecting With a Sacred Space to Refresh Mind, Body and Spirit.