Episode 84

Listen to “Using Impatience As A Guide For Deeper Self Understanding” on Spreaker.


Impatience is something we all experience. It can pop up at any time within any circumstance or relationship for a variety of reasons. While it may feel unpleasant to experience feelings of impatience, these sensations help us gain a deeper self understanding and awareness around why it’s happening in the first place.  

And that’s the real treasure hiding underneath it all. 

When we are impatient with ourselves, in relationships, or with external situations where we have no control, we begin to understand what needs healing, more compassion, or deeper exploration in order to grow from it. Frustrating experiences also show us where we are being too hard on our mind and body, especially our nervous system, and the bigger impact it has on our mindset and stress levels.

This means learning to see and use impatience as a positive asset can prove to be very powerful.

On the latest episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, I talk about seeing impatience as a tool for deeper self-understanding and growth. I touch on ways it can affect our lives and perspective, as well as point us toward what we can heal for ourselves. I also share insights on my own experiences with impatience and what I’ve learned along my personal growth path from it.

When we start to notice where impatience creeps up on us, it’s easier to catch ourselves in the act and get to the heart of what’s hiding there. Is there something you notice regularly makes your impatience spike?

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