Episode 79

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A seasonal clearing of mind, body and spirit can help us let go, renew and re-focus on what’s truly important. It’s nature’s invitation for us to go within, gather what we value, and allow our heart to decide what feels good to do next. Then, we can connect with a new and expanded perspective of life.

Each season our body also adjusts to welcome in new energy, weather, and seasonal foods, as we process the previous season and it’s lessons. These cycles of change allow us to be with what we need to process, while helping us open up to the promise of something new and different.

I feel starting with the heart for a seasonal clearing is the most powerful. It enables us to get to the root of what we value as well as what needs to go, and do it from a place of love and gratitude. It’s also another opportunity for us to look at our fears and what’s stopping us from moving forward. This is especially important if certain seasons activate unique triggers that push us out of balance in our heart space.

On the latest episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, I share ways to do a seasonal clearing to lighten and brighten the heart while also helping bring things into deeper focus. I also share a few insights on simple ways to move more fully into supportive self-care to help the mind, body and spirit through a seasonal transition. Last but not least, I offer a few basics about Aryuvedic medicine and how understanding your unique body type/tendencies helps tremendously in improving inner balance as seasons change.

Doing a seasonal clearing doesn’t always have to be something specific or planned. As part of nature, humans naturally connect with the flow of the season, especially if we are tuned into the body and higher self. However, there are ways to ensure we are listening to the right things to make the most of a change in seasons, and step into restoration and balance in a deeper way physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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