Episode 91

“Are You Using Labels to Limit or Empower Yourself?”


The labels we use to describe ourselves and capabilities are part of what helps to define us – to a point. Labels can also entice us to compare and contrast ourselves with others, or judge our personal value based on how others choose to define themselves.

Living in a time where labels are a huge part of how we identify each other and our role in society, it’s also becoming more and more challenging to be multi-dimensional, or break out of the labels we’ve collected along the way.

At the same time, being multi-passionate or multi-talented, or having too many labels in general, can also weigh us down. Sometimes it’s equated with being confused or unsure of what it is we REALLY want to do or be, which may be outside the norm of our peers.

In reality, labels, and the words we use to create them, can be very empowering when used in the right context, and used to gain a deeper understanding of each other. Especially when we can understand and accept that a label means different things to different people, or to us personally.

On the latest podcast, I talk about how the rise of hashtags on social media has made an impact on how we see and define ourselves, and the ways we connect with others. And while hashtags are powerful for connecting with like minds and hearts and building community, they can also create boundaries around what we believe about ourselves, or what is possible for us.

I also share ways to disconnect from “label thinking”, and why it’s so powerful to understand how you are using labels to limit or empower yourself.

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