Episode 86

“The Two Faces of Vulnerability and What They Show Us”.


Vulnerability is a great teacher.

The areas where we are resistant to being vulnerable act as a window into our sore spots and core areas of growth. At the same time, vulnerability allows us to connect with what we deeply want to express without fear of being judged, in order to emerge as the truest version of ourselves.

Between family patterns, the stories we’ve built to keep us feeling “ safe”, small, or like a victim, and challenges that motivate us to build walls around our heart, it can be hard to parse out direct reasons why we full vulnerable. In many ways, they have to unravel and emerge with us; speak to us through relationships and life challenges.

On the latest episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, I explore the two faces of vulnerability, what they show us about where we are stuck, and how they illuminate an opportunity to grow. I also discuss the flip side of vulnerability and the ways it leads us to the deep, clear voice living our heart, inviting us to take a risk and say, do, be, whatever we fear most.

In addition, I share simple ways to can create a “vulnerability skill set” to more effectively connect and work with emotions around feeling exposed as part of a self-care routine.

When we are willing to take an adventure into vulnerability, we are also saying yes to the most beautiful parts of ourselves. Expressing these parts takes courage and persistence, but it also serves as a practice in owning the real you. Then, when we make the leap to share, we also set a beautiful example for others to follow, too. What can be more powerful?

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