Episode 82

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In life we have rules – rules to follow, the ones we create, and ones we push on others. Yet, when it comes to following positive experiences and what brings us joy, embracing this as the simple, powerful tool has somehow become extremely complicated.

Part of the reason rules win a lot of the time is because they are mind-focused and make things simpler. We trust the guidelines because they are “seemingly” black and white and guide us to stay “on track”. This means we don’t have to deal with messy feelings. Rules also rarely allow our heart a say, or encourage us to put faith in the fact our inner guidance is moving us in the right direction.

The trick is moving all unnecessary noise out of the way to truly hear what the heart wants us to know.

On the latest episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, I talk about ways to explore where we let outdated patterns take over and leave us a bit numb, and tips to pull out of a rut to practice feeling beyond limitations, real or imagined. I also talk about ways to do a quick reality check-in now that we are half-way through the year, and ways to practice feeling more, instead of clinging to old out-dated rules to feel safe, or default to autopilot.

Lastly, I share insights on how rules and our inner guidance system can work in tandem to benefit us in positive ways, if we can build a bridge between the two and practice trusting and listening to our intuition.

This clash between mind and heart is a tale as old as time. The true choice in front of us is to select which one makes the most sense in the moment by staying present with how we feel. That’s why following positive experiences is the ultimate guidance system, moving us towards what can’t always be put into words, or rules.

What are some ways you default to the rules or let them take over instead of feeling into positive experiences for the ultimate clear guidance?

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