Episode 39

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Is there a special plan for each of our lives, leading us towards a specific event that’s a predestined fate? Or is fate simply the power of choice we exercise from moment to moment, leading us towards or away from a specific path or soul purpose in a random way?

More importantly, is fate more a matter of perspective defined by what we find personally meaningful? And can we only clearly spot it in hindsight, as we mentally connect the dots to “see” everything was “meant to be”, unfolding into a specific event?

On this episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, we dive into a conversation about all these aspects of fate, the power it can have over our thinking, and the ways it’s influenced by our personal beliefs and karma.

How you define it impacts the way we see and connect with others in relationships, the path we follow for our career, how we handle challenging events along our life path, as well as the way we view our soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

All these elements impact the plan we see for ourselves and the power we believe we have over our own lives.

If we listen to our intuition and have faith things are unfolding as they need to, then our path is decided moment to moment based on the information we have in front of us right now. In this way we are co-creating with the universe, taking an informed step forward along with the divine, but not necessarily moving towards a specific predetermined future, or are we?

What do you think? Is fate pre-set, waiting for us to show up? Or do we have a hand in our own fate, learning and growing as we fulfill the fate we randomly create moment to moment?

Tune in to hear what we think and for some tips on how to work with the energy and idea of fate. To listen to other similar podcast episodes, check out Synchronicity and How Insights on Reincarnation Can Help you Live More Fully in the Present.