Episode 32

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The life of an empath is experienced through intuition and/or emotions first. This is what makes them such amazing listeners, nurturers and loving partners. It’s also what can make relationships especially challenging and draining for empaths to manage in a healthy way.

Why? Because empaths are easily affected by other people’s energies, and naturally able to feel, perceive and understand the emotional states of others without even trying. In addition, they can be unconsciously influenced by the desires, thoughts and moods of others, which makes it hard to discern personal truths and create a supportive self-care practice.

Some empaths may also identify as being a Highly Sensitive Person. “HSP’s make up about 15-20% of the population, and process sensory data more deeply due to the biological nature of their nervous systems, making them prone to over-stimulation, emotional reactivity and empathy, and sensitivity to stimuli”.

Now that’s a lot of sensation and input to muddle through just to be sure you are actually sharing your true voice and light in the world!

Embracing and Getting Clear on Your Relationship Needs and Desires as an Empath  

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On this episode of Flirting with Enlightenment, we explore the rich and sometimes challenging aspects of managing relationships as an empath. We will also talk about the experiences of an empath, explore how to release the emotions of others, and provide simple tools to help create the space we need to thrive in relationships of all kinds.

Some people are born with their empathic switch turned on full-blast, while others become more empathic and sensitive over time as they focus on self-growth, expanding creative expression or grow into a more spiritual life path. It’s a fluid experience as we all learn and grow together through our relationships over time.

One of the biggest challenges for an empath in relationship is to maintain a sense-of-self, combined with rich, consistent self-care. When it feels good to give, it can be easy to lose yourself in relationship. The key is knowing how to balance that giving without giving up yourself in the process.

Join us as we dive into a deeper discussion about empathy and how to nurture it within yourself for stronger, healthier, more balanced relationships.

For further self-reflection on your own empathic ability, check out Traits of an Empath. Want to read a little more? Check out Dr. Judith Orloff’s blog, which features a detailed post on “How to Know if You’re an Empath”. 

We also have previous podcasts that offer insight on being true to yourself, creating a sacred space and cutting connections to help shape healthier routines and support sensitivities as en empath or HSP.

As a sensitive or empath, what are some of the ways you create a healthy balance in your relationships?

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