Episode 51

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When taking steps towards living a more mindful or spiritual life,  it’s common to experience a personal energy shift called kundalini awakening. Some effects are physical and emotional, other impacts can kick-off big changes in your external world.

A small number of people may also experience an intense initiation of this spiritual awakening energy through a single instance, making it hard to go back to life as usual.

No matter how it transpires, a kundalini awakening can feel a bit overwhelming and hard to understand, integrate and balance in the physical world.

So what exactly is kundalini awakening? Why is it important? How can we manage this energy as we begin to develop deeper self-awareness and a more advanced spiritual path unfolds before us? 

On the latest episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, we dive into these questions and what to expect as part of this type of inner spiritual journey.

By definition, kundalini is spiritual energy or consciousness. The term “awakening” refers to how the universal or divine energy is being awakened within. Having a kundalini awakening is a very unique, individual experience for the mind, body and spirit. However, there are common side effects that can happen throughout the process.

The most important point to remember about kundalini is that it’s not a “one and done” kind of experience. The “awakening” part of kundalini rising is about getting used to the ebbs and flows of kundalini energy or (shakti) within you, as you awaken to higher levels of consciousness through each chakra or energy center. At the same time, you also awaken to more of your true, creative self.

Tune in to hear more about kundalini awakening symptoms, tips for staying grounded through these changes in vibration, and ways to understand the unique purpose of your journey. 

What is your personal experience with kundalini? 

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