Episode 4

What is spiritual charisma? Do you think you have it or know someone who does? Or is spiritual charisma simply an inevitable by-product of being on a creative path of self-discovery?

On this episode of Flirting with Enlightenment, we dive on into what we think spiritual charisma is (and isn’t) and the influence it has on your personal path and connections with others.

Mindfulness, Playfulness and Owning your Sense of Self 

For some, the playful, fun, light-hearted way they exchange energy is just a natural part of their creativity, and happens to also resonate with people on a spiritual level. For others, their spiritual sense of self is predominant, and they invite in the playfulness of creativity in its expression.

The more comfortable you get with expressing yourself and tuning into your own essence, it becomes easier for you to find your natural spiritual charisma. When you are expressing your natural creative self with ease you are in tune with what makes you joyful, happy and more confident – as well as irresistible!

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Photo credit: Sean Jackson