Episode 93 

“Managing Perceptions and Beliefs About Negative Emotions”.


Emotions are part of life, but can become overwhelming when we perceive or label a certain emotion as “negative”.

This kind of thinking and labeling can be tricky, because our perception directly impacts our ability to give ourselves permission to feel it. In essence, we are already judging it before we actually own, express, then release it. And that can put the emotion into a weird state of limbo, trapping it in our mind and heart.

However, when we experience a loss of a relationship, job, things like a house or car, or just our current way of life, it can be hard not to see the emotions we experience as negative. They are tied to how we see, and what we believe, about our experience, and the pain associated with it.

And that makes navigating the line between perception and reality a bit more complex, especially when it comes to managing our well being. We can feel torn with being honest about how we feel because a negative feeling might mean we are “bad, ungrateful, broken, etc.”. In reality, we are just human, and have a range of emotions to experience and express as part of our life path.

On the latest episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, I talk about how we often carry on old emotional patterns that no longer serves us in the present, and the ways it warps our perception of what we feel – as well as how we feel about it. I also talk about how easy it is to get stuck in mentalizing our emotions instead of feeling them, which creates blocks in our heart, physical and emotional body, and self-expression.

Within the podcast I offer insights and tips on how to shift the way we may be dealing with emotions to transform them into a healthier expression, while honoring them in more mindful, self-supportive ways.

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