Episode 88 

“Detach From the Old Versions of the Self, Allow the New to Emerge”.


It’s not always easy to detach from old versions of the self. Many times we don’t even realize how many “selves” are still along for the ride, even years after we’ve outgrown that unique time in our life, and moved on.

Or, so we thought.

Old versions of the self can still be hanging about in our mind, body, spirit space, getting triggered, and we don’t realize it until the emotional kick-back starts. It’s sort of a “look at me” alert to let you know there’s a some inner work to do.

Ever since the eclipse, transformation energy is in the air in every pocket of the world. Politics, weather, economy, and technology changes are taking place at a rapid pace. In wake of these influences, we are being challenged to learn new ways to discern from a place of empowerment, rather than complacency, fear, or from the perspective of “old” versions of ourselves.

In fact, we are being invited to sweep them clean. And to detach from old versions of the self is a process. A beautiful process, ranging from joy-filled to heart-wrenching. 

On the latest episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, I talk about how to mindfully detach from old versions of the self, while keeping the lessons and practicing gratitude along the way.

I also share a recent emotional experience of trading in my car that I’ve had over a decade, the very first car I bought and paid for all on my own, and how the process of letting it go reminded me yet again how it’s been such a metaphor for my journey inward and upward. This car shared my triumphs, battle scars and countless life transitions. It became a way for me to see my personal journey on a much deeper level, as I worked to detach from old versions of myself and step into more freedom. It was truly a “Pathfinder” for me on every level.

When we are able to see the ghosts of our old selves, and make peace with what they have offered as fuel for a personal growth path, the easier it is to let them rest in peace in all aspects of ourselves and life. Then we can reminisce with fondness and take advantage of lessons learned, rather than feel bad about what never came to pass.

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