Episode 92

“Diving into Your Truth Vs. the Ultimate Truth”.


The truth is an interesting thing to chase, but we all do it in one way or another.

One key difference is which truth we choose we chase.

When we take the time to listen to ourselves, do the inner work we need, and feel into what’s right for us, we are getting deeper into what matters to us personally. From this place we can connect with our truth and use it to more effectively navigate our world and relationships with others. At the same time, we stay authentic to our deepest beliefs and self-expression.

If we instead choose to always chase an ultimate truth, we can feel unsettled and fearful, forever searching. This is how we can get stuck in “the search”, rather than practicing being happy in the now. We may also discount the ideas and honest expression of others as it falls outside of what we believe, or outside of an organized community/institutional expression.

On the latest podcast, I talk about how diving into our truth is where the real power lies, and why searching for the ultimate truth can keep us distracted and ungrounded. I also talk about why staying compassionate as we walk our path enables us to get more connected to our truth, and gives others the space to connect with theirs as well. In addition, I offer some simple insights on how to tap into what’s true for you to help you step into a clearer, more authentic self-expression in all you do.

When we devote ourselves to connecting with our inner truth, what we are really doing is connecting with what our heart wants to say and is true for us. There’s no right way to do it, just a willingness to show up, try, and have a little faith.

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