Episode 67


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How do you handle the energy expressed when other people’s triggers are activated? Is it easy for you to be objective and let it roll off your back? Do you get defensive? Does it happen more with family, friends or work acquaintances? Do you choose to avoid people altogether so you can leave the drama behind?

Whether you are an empath, HSP or simply moving through your own challenging time, it can be tricky to navigate other people’s energy outbursts. It’s takes practice as you build the skills to remain clear within yourself while allowing the person to experience their own energetic expression – all without judging them or yourself. 

And no matter where you are on your personal development path, there’s always more to learn about personal energy management and ways to stay grounded as chaos walks it’s own path.

Taking a deeper dive into the topic of personal triggers covered in Season 2, this episode of Flirting With Enlightenment podcast explores how to manage the energy outbursts of others in a way that honors them and you. Jamie and I also offer tips for taking your mindfulness practice to the next level of self-mastery, helping you practice the art of dealing with the energy of other people’s triggers.

We also share ideas specific for empaths and HSP’s who often have a harder time leaving behind the energy residue from intense or uncomfortable energy exchanges.

Remember, every interaction has an element of uncontrollable energy to it. When you are able to shake off the energy of others and get back to a grounded space within, you feel much more empowered and fearless in your self expression and relationships. You also know you are in connection with the deepest, most soul-inspired part of yourself and can stay grounded within it.

What are some ways you have been successful at redirecting or side-stepping the energy of other people’s triggers?

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