Episode 74

Listen to “Flirting With Enlightenment”.



The energy of right and wrong is really front and center in our experience right now.

Between politics, human rights, the environment and our own personal transformation work, there are a lot of “hot sparks” around what is right or wrong to say, do, and how to show up as our true self.

While it’s easy to get lost in the back and forth of right vs wrong internally and externally, the most important thing is to be really clear on who we are, and understand how we feel, honor and acknowledge it. Then it’s much easier to move beyond the energy of right and wrong internally and externally, and shift the focus to just being yourself.

On the latest podcast, I talk about ways the mind can get lost in the semantics of how right and wrong sound, and forget all about how we feel in our heart, in our true selves, while we slide into judgment and/or a victim frame of mind. When we are looking through these filters it’s not very easy to understand how we really feel, or the best way to use our energy to create something better for ourselves and for our friends, family or community.

I also offer suggestions for getting grounded and tapping into how we feel in a more openhearted way to notice when judgment or the victim thinking creeps on in. The fear, desire and pressure to be right can color our beliefs, feelings or ideas in our lives in ways we don’t notice, and we can keep falling into these old, unfulfilling thought loops.

During this week, dig deeper into the energy of right and wrong and explore what’s really behind it for you. In addition, think about what the need to be right is costing you in terms of health, inner peace, free time and relationships.

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