Episode 80

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There is always more we can learn about our shadow self; those places inside we are afraid to look at or share with others.

Whether we use the shadow to protect ourselves, deflect low confidence, or disconnect from inner fears and insecurities, the shadow self does serve a purpose for our learning. The trick is being willing to shine a light on it and develop ways to have compassion for what we see.

For example, simply being willing to look at what upsets us or makes us feel “less than” is a kind and loving step towards understanding ourselves better.

On the latest episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, I share insights about the shadow self and what it represents. I also talk about how relationships with friends, family and lovers are an essential part of understanding the roots of where this energy hangs out within us, and how to connect with it in a healthy way. This is the most empowering step in getting in touch with and integrating these denied parts of ourselves.

I also talk briefly about how empaths are especially attuned to the shadow self, as they see it for what it is – an imbalance that wants to be balanced. As a result, we might unknowingly take on the shadow of others without realizing it. While part of our gift is the ability to transform this energy, it’s not a requirement for emapths to manage this for another person.

Last but not least, I offer tips you can use to go deeper into the shadow in order to integrate it, while staying grounded and clear in your truth. As part of the podcast, I also mention the book “Dark Side of the Light Chasers” by Debbie Ford – a great primer on the shadow self that also includes hands on exercises to practice connecting with it.

With simple mindfulness practices it’s easier to be at peace with what you see, knowing it’s just part of you that wants to be free and acknowledged. 

How have you learned to have a deeper understanding and compassion for your shadow self?

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