Episode 48

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Changing habits that no longer serve you is easy to intend, but not always easy to practice daily. Between distractions, the comfort and ease of staying the same and resistance by the ego, it can be challenging to clarify which habits to release or shift into something more supportive.

Then, once you get clear on what needs to change in your mind and heart, the real fun begins – sustaining positive changes in the physical world.

It’s normal to fear change and leave behind habits you already know well for something not yet solid and dependable. Yet, life is all about adapting as we grow to align with new insights, energies and people, and engaging in the practice of shifting in and out of habits as we transform based on new information.

Whether you are trying to change the dynamics of old family patterns, unhealthy physical habits or negative ways of thinking, the first step is to be honest with what is, and what needs to change.

Tune into Habits that Need to Change, then Adapt in a Mindful Way

On the latest episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, Jamie and I talk about how to get clear about when it’s time to shift a habit because it’s outlived it’s usefulness, and ways to create new, more supportive habits using a few simple tools.

When you can take an honest look at what needs to change and why it’s important to you, something very powerful happens. You begin to imagine a new way of being that supports exactly what you need to be healthier, more balanced and happier and start applying it in physical ways.

Then, when resistance, emotions and other obstacles come up, you are able to see them as something to release, not something that holds you back or stops your progress. As you let go of these elements, all a necessary part of habit change, you free up energy to refocus on the benefits of transformation, and shape a regular practice of “checking in”.

Despite the friction that can come with change, there’s a secret ingredient to help you persevere – belief in yourself. No matter what you are trying to change, it’s essential to believe in your ability to work through it to connect with the mindful intention you want to fulfill on the other side. Be patient with the progress, no matter the pace, and focus on making changes that resonate with where you want to go and grow.

What are some ways you can tell certain habits are no longer serving you? Or, what thoughts, feelings or ideas knock you off track when trying to make positive changes?

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