Episode 46

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In an effort to be more mindful in any area of life, it helps to leverage a simple tool we already have at our fingertips, like visualization.

We all daydream at some time or another, so why not use this skill and take it to the next level for our health, personal development and overall well-being?

On the latest episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, Jamie and I talk about 7 ways to use the creative power of visualization to enrich our life. Not only can it be helpful as a tool for healing, relaxation and calming a monkey mind, but also serves as a powerful way to dig into deeper layers of self-growth and creativity.

No matter where you are at on your personal transformation path, you can learn a lot from taking some deep breaths in a quiet space and visualizing a new way for anything.

Tapping Into the Ways Visualization is a Powerful, Playful Tool   

There are so many ways to use visualization for your mind, body, spirit and intuition and to enhance your overall health. Not only can you place yourself in different unique scenarios to “test-drive” emotional reactions to outcomes, but dive deeper into the areas that may be troubling, in order to imagine a different outcome.

You can also call on the power of imagination to dream of a new path for your life, career, health and relationships. There is a powerful sense of clarity that we all can access when we use creative brainstorming as part of our regular “toolbox” to stretch ourselves in new ways.

The most important part of visualization is to be present and willing to feel into the emotion of the experience you are seeing and sensing in your mind and heart, without judging what comes up. These key ingredients are what make the act of “tuning in” a playful way and a more mindful tool you can use for self-care and self-growth.

Join us as we explore and share the 7 ways we think visualization can improve the connection to our higher self and help us to tap into the universal energy of creativity.

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