Episode 49

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Is there a specific way to be spiritual? Who defines what that means, and is there a standard way to express or practice being a spiritual person? Are spirituality and religion the same thing?

So many questions, but are there any clear answers?

The more we dive into the details of spirituality, even the word itself can spark strong ideas and opinions that vary from person to person. This is what can sometimes turn the pursuit of a clear definition of what being spiritual really means from something that connects people, into something that polarizes them.

On this episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, we explore how the definition of spirituality has transformed in meaning over the last few decades, becoming a mix of ancient teachings, New Age ideas, nature based practices and more. We also talk about how the energy around creating a personal practice is also changing, as sets of rules popularized by organized religion are falling away and allowing the individual to open a unique path to spiritual expression in wonderful and unique ways.

For people drawn to personal growth and transformation, there can be times when we wonder, “ Am I doing this “right?”, or if there is a sign along the path that will offer a definite sense spiritual connection. To add a bit of clarification to this aspect of spirituality, Jamie and I offer insights and practices to spark a clearer sense of personal expression as you embark on what calls your heart.

In the big picture, when we craft observations of a practice that feels good, it becomes part of how we connect to the energy within and around us in a deeper way. The more we expand and transform, we can open up our idea of spirituality along with it, finding a deeper willingness to be mindful, aware and willing to dig into doing deeper self-work.

And…if you happen to be curious about that spiritual spoof video – here you go!

“Religion is belief in someone else’s experience. Spirituality is having your own experience.”

– Deepak Chopra 

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