Episode 77

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The positive and negative energy we experience or express on a regular basis definitely has an impact on our wellbeing.

As we move through a variety of experiences, traumas, and relationships, it’s our perception of positive and negative energy that has the biggest influence. Our point of view colors how we see everything in life! It’s also challenging to change an outdated or negative perspective when we don’t realize we are actively doing it, or when it’s playing in our subconscious behind the scenes.

Empaths have an even trickier time managing how energy impacts our health and overall energy. Not only do we have to deal with our own personal bias and how it impacts wellbeing, we also need learn to sort out the energy we experience from other people’s because we feel everything so intensely. It all feels like ours!

On this episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, I talk about how positive and negative energy, self-talk and thoughts are connected to our health, livelihood and attitude, and why discomfort is our greatest teacher. I also share a short story about the comet, Chiron, and it’s story of origin in Greek mythology, including the important role it plays in directing us towards our deepest wounds and greatest ability for healing depending on where it’s positioned in our astrological chart.

Last but not least,  I offer tips on how to view what we are experiencing from an abstract place, while honoring our own well-being along our journey.

Our perceptions are everything, especially when it comes to how we feel. The more we can tune into little ways we can shift towards a thought, feeling or idea that supports our wellbeing rather than dwelling on negativity or things we cannot change, the closer we are to practicing mindful transformation.

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