Episode 75

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How easy is it to trust the flow and believe in the power of things we can’t see?

In many situations it doesn’t feel natural to go with the flow, especially when we no longer feel anchored to the past and the excitement of creating something new is wearing off.

It’s in these moments when we feel like we are on a suspension bridge that leads into the fog, that we are left with trust, faith and the choice to surrender to a bigger flow as we keep moving, one step at a time.

On the latest episode of the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, I talk about flow and the power of a “higher will” at work behind the scenes of our life.

When we push towards an expectation, goal or destiny with the mind, it’s easy to map out the steps and what might unfold. Yet, it’s feeling into what we want to create and taking consistent, mindful steps towards it that we make a container for something amazing and magical to happen.

In the podcast I offer suggestions on how to shift perspective about how things are unfolding, and share tips to improve grounding and alignment so you can act on inner guidance and intuition instead of fear. In addition, I pull a card from the Crystal Mandala Oracle deck to offer a little more insight and divine guidance to the podcast.

We can’t always know what’s happening behind the scenes, but we can leave space for emotions to come up and heal them, have faith things are aligning and believe in ourselves enough that we will know and do what’s best when the time comes. Knowing what we really want in the midst of so much distraction and clutter is a daily exercise of tuning in, connecting with the flow and making that a priority to sharpen our perspective.

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Here is the card deck I mentioned in the podcast if you are interested in checking it out: